Your Child's First Visit

Wellness is our passion

The mouth is the starting point for much of our health or disease. We use the important window of pediatrics to start our patients off on a path to lifelong health.

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The early years matter

It is often assumed that milk teeth are simply placeholders. In actuality, the bacteria that colonize your milk teeth will be passed on to your adult teeth. The bacteria that make up the mouth microbiome will affect your mouth, gut, and whole body health for the rest of your life. Early intervention is important to create a lifetime of wellness.

We partner with you

We provide you with easy, actionable steps to keep your growing family healthy.

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We believe in advanced technology

We use modern technologies and treatments to deliver the best results. With laser dentistry, bacterial analysis, pH testing, radiation free cavity detection, and digital x-rays, we ensure unmatched personalized care for your child.

We welcome children with special needs

We love to care for children with special needs. We get to know your child’s individual condition and unique personality to tailor their care to fit their needs.

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We are here to support your family's wellness journey

Call 424-254-0705 or request an appointment online to set up your first visit. We’ll be in touch soon.